WNS Galleria


 Rimbun came from the morning walk looking up the sky and seeing the rays of lights shining through the big branches and leaves of 100 years old trees. Walking down the street makes me appreciate more of the greenery because I don't know how long more will I get to cherish it hence the painting. 

Canva Size :

48 inch x 48 inch


Terra is a mixture of my personal favourite colours. It is a symbolic that life can be tough and you must fiery enough to persevere. Terra is meant to look bold and tough.
Canva Size :
40 inch x 50 inch



Eden for Nurin Afiqah. Eden is sweet, and was made during a really hard time for me. It was a reminder that something good and sweet still exist, and good days are coming. Eden is a kind reminder to me and whenever I see it, I feel more calm. 

 Canva Size :

48 inch x 60 inch 


Senja is the calming sky you see at 6pm on a good sunny day. Those days where the skies look like pink marshmallow. That feeling when I see it, the serenity, is what I try to capture for Senja, hopefully that the feeling stays whenever I see it. 

 Canva Size :

40 inch x 50 inch


Purnama for Nabilah. Purnama is something new. She is dark but also hopeful. It is the dark sky you look at during night time, hoping for something better to come and, indeed, better times are coming.

40 inch x 50 inch


Since I am staying home now and are open to commission if anyone is interested. Photos shown are as reference, commission based on these references can be done but not 100% identical.


Do email me for more info 


Thank you