Fabric care


The best way to preserve the quality and integrity of silk is by hand washing the pieces. Of course it’s possible to toss it in the washing machine under the gentle wash cycle but the optimal way is by manually washing one by one in a basin. How do we do it? Fill the basin with cool water and some gentle detergent. Make sure your items are turned inside out to preserve the colour! Do not rub the silk instead, allow it to soak in the soapy water for awhile. Silk released dirt quickly so this is a speedy process! Rinse with cool water and drain.

The pivotal rule is that never to wring your silk or chuck it in the dryer. You may place it on a cotton towel to remove excess water. After that, you can dry it by hanging on a padded hanger. Do note, do not dry it under direct sunlight as this accelerates fading!



Satin is actually a type of weave of other fabric that creates a shiny finish. How do we know whether it’s satin? Satin can be identified as a soft and lustrous surface on one side and a duller surface in the other. It’s important to note that satin is not as thin as silk and it has a certain rigidity to it. It gives more structure than silk. Satin also does not stretch as much as silk does.

Satin can be tossed in the washing machine under a gentle cycle with a gentle detergent. The best temperature to be used would be cool water. Do not bleach your items to spot stain your pieces as it will take off the dye from the fabric. If you have the time to spare, you may hand wash the items gently in a basin filled with cold water and soap. Hang to dry and avoid direct sunlight or chucking it in the dryer.



Linen is just as easy to look after as cotton, but it is more durable and gets better with each wash, unlike cotton which can become threadbare as the fibres are weakened. Linen uses less resources in its production, so it is also a more eco-friendly and sustainable.

So how do you care for your linen pieces? Wash the items on low temperatures in lukewarm or cold, and preferably soft, water. Use the gentle machine cycle and a mild detergent to protect the fibres.