SAOI is meant to provide essential pieces for you. Made to be loved for a long time, to be styled beyond seasons so you will never run out of presentable looks. 

Here we strive to constantly create and by creating, we take inspiration from our creative community with their unique individual expressions, just like you.

A modern-day market and lifestyle destination offering essential products for everyday urbanists

Based in Kuala Lumpur, our label explores the appeal of a modern mannerism of fashion through distinct evergreen designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Inspired by your daily lives and needs, our ambition is to provide just the right simple pieces but not too simple however hard enough to be found elsewhere. 

The pieces are made to complete your looks while making you feel like you. Here at Saoi, we strive to constantly learn and tweak the designs over time for a well-curated wardrobe that transcends trends.

 Together as a team, we took a leap to rebrand and mature into a new name, SAOI. The word ‘Saoi’ in its literal definition means 'the wise one'. As you grow older and accept new learnings that life can offer, you take it and turn into a betterment not just for you, but for your surroundings as well, and that includes your passion.

SAOI's passion is to use the learnings and experiences from the past and will constantly learn to provide the best we can, to you. 

SAOI is a team of young creatives from various fields coming together to provide apparels and accessories for your everyday, effortless wardrobe with the occasional twist for flair. At SAOI, we take pride in creating dialogues with skilled partners/friends around the world – a network of fashion designers, local entrepreneurs and garment makers who we grow closer to with each new collaboration.